The Best Android Antivirus App

The best Android antivirus application ensures you have the highest level of privacy, security and performance of your phone or tablet. The top antivirus apps are easy to install and use, offering intuitive settings and readily available extra features. These apps also include a variety of features to enhance the performance of your device, for example security features to prevent theft and optimization tools for your system.

There are both paid and free applications that offer excellent detection and prevention rates for malware. Some of the top apps also have useful anti-theft features that allow you to remotely wipe or locate a stolen device. Others enhance security with features such as call-blocking and Wi -Fi scanning.

Cyber-terrorists and malware writers are always looking for new methods to steal personal information and hack it, or even demand ransom. In the past few years it has led to millions of dollars virtual data room being stolen and a staggering amount computing power being transferred to hackers to gain.

While many Android phones and tablets have Google Play Protect built in however it’s not a completely reliable solution. The low rates of malware detection are one of the main arguments to use an alternative Android antivirus instead.

One of the top Android antivirus alternatives is Bitdefender and it has been awarded big thumbs-ups from independent labs and has a raft of useful features that go along with its solid virus scanning. These include a Permissions Manager which rates apps on their privacy scale and an Identity Safeguard feature that checks whether your email address has been leaked in any major data breaches, as well as performance-enhancing apps such as a junk cleaner and RAM booster. A premium tier costs $15 to $30 annually, while some add extras such as unlimited access to a VPN service at an additional fee.

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