How to Fix the “Windows Could Not Detect This Network’s Proxy Settings” Error on Windows 10

Restarting your computer and router is the first step you should do if you are receiving the error “Windows could not determine the proxy settings for this network”. This will close any open applications and reset the proxy settings to their default setting which should solve the issue for a majority of users.

If that doesn’t work you can also disable any antivirus software or firewall VPN software that could interfere with your Internet connection. You can disable each program by navigating to the settings and disabling it one at atime. Once you’ve disabled all these apps, try reconnecting to the Internet and check if the issue persists.

If you are unable to solve the issue by using one of these options then you might want to consider doing a full system restore in Windows. This will restore your default network settings, and will remove any changes that could have caused the problem. This can be done by clicking “Internet Options” in the Control Panel. Uncheck the boxes labeled Use a proxy for your network and Automatically detect settings. Remember that this process will only affect the current user account, so if you’re on an shared computer, you might have to repeat the process for all other users. You can deactivate proxy settings with the Registry Editor. However, this method is more complicated and could lead to issues in the future.

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