Best Antivirus For Windows

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Malware, viruses, phishing sites, Trojans, and other malicious software are a major security risk to modern computers. Premium antivirus programs provide solid protection against various online threats for a low cost. Many of these antivirus programs come with additional features like a VPN, firewall, password manager and parental control.

A majority of these programs provide an annual or multiyear subscription, although some vendors offer one-time purchases. A reliable antivirus program will be compatible with your operating system, and it should only use a small amount of resources to ensure that it doesn’t affect the performance of your computer. The majority of these programs have an “quick-scan” option that will quickly check your computer for malware. However, this is not as thorough as a comprehensive scan.

McAfee offers a variety of useful features. Its web booster feature boosts the speed of your internet and comes with a web shield that blocks ads and trackers. McAfee’s advanced version also offers credit and monitoring of transactions.

Norton is a renowned antivirus program with excellent user ratings. It also provides several useful features such as a VPN and password manager. Its real-time scan helps protect users from malware, viruses websites, phishing sites, and other online threats.

VIRUSfighter Server is a low-cost antivirus program that offers reliable security for Windows servers. It is compatible with a broad range of operating systems and has good detection rates. It’s also simple to use, and uses minimal system resources.

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