Board Member Remote Voting

In the case of remote board member voting, any decision that is ratified by the majority of board members (excluding abstentions), at a regular meeting or special meeting is deemed to be valid. This is the case, unless a statute or administrative code section, by-law or board policy, or board policy states that it is not.

If your board has a procedure for remote voting that is specific then you should go through it to ensure that the procedure is properly followed. If you decide to allow remote voting, be sure that quorum requirements are in place and the board’s management software allows for an efficient, secure and precise vote.

In the past, when a board votes to pass a motion, they would choose to use ballots that were sent out in advance or record the results via roll call. With the advancements in technology and the necessity to conduct meetings remotely, it makes sense to leverage an online voting system that allows members to express their decisions quickly. The MeetingPulse platform, for example lets members vote remotely and is accessible from any device that has internet connectivity. It’s also easy to use and offers enterprise-level security.

No matter what method you decide to use, the best way to make sure that all board members feel assured about their decisions is to encourage them actively to participate during discussions. This will boost engagement and ensure that all voices are heard, which will reduce the chance of a member challenging the final results.

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